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Road to Europe Begins at Brandywine 

By: Michael McCarrick, Lion’s Eye Writer,

One of Brandywine’s unique opportunities for students is the study abroad program.

It’s a one-week trip to a country in Europe which provides students with a taste of culture from another continent. Last year, Brandywine students had a fantastic voyage in Greece, where they experienced its scenic views and ancient history.  Before that, trips to London and Italy gave students a refreshing taste of culture and inspired their imagination.

This Spring Break, Penn State Brandywine will have three trips going on simultaneously: Ireland, Paris and Cuba. The trip to Paris was originally going to be held over Thanksgiving break last semester; because of the terrorist attacks, it was changed to March 6-13 for the safety of the students.

There are various classes for students to take, depending on the trip.  Each class appeals to students of almost any major or minor.  Students going on the trip to Paris are enrolled in either Introduction to the Arts in Paris led by Professor Dr. Paul Green, Black American Writers taught by Dr. Kimberly Blockett or Cross Cultural Psychology by Dr. Pauline Guerin.  Each course is worth three credits and the work for each class is online.

For Ireland’s Spring Break trip on March 4 to 12 there are several different courses including: Family Disorganization, Wellness Theory, Irish Art and Philosophy and the Foundations of Linguistics. Linguistics professor Evan Bradley is excited for the Ireland trip and speaks about the trip’s purpose.

“In a general sense, the whole concept is giving exposure to the world and other cultures,” Bradley said.  “In an academic sense for linguistics, we can do research for the difference in the pronunciation of words in another culture, and get a wider view on things worldwide.”

The Cuba trip on March 5 to 12 is for students taking courses in Civic and Community Engagement or Ethics and the Design of Technology. Art History Professor Dr. Paul Green describes that experience.

“You could take multiple courses for one trip and have the opportunity to graduate with a minor in International Studies,” Green said.  “It would look great on any student’s resume.”

Students who were unable to travel this semester can look forward to future trips. Those who want to keep in touch with the program and find more information about it can go to the website Each trip costs less than $2500, which is affordable.

No matter what trip each student is participating in, it will be an experience he or she will not regret.

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