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Covenant House representatives speak out at Social Justice Fair 

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Nicole Graham, Lion’s Eye staff writer,

Penn State Brandywine’s People’s Rights Event was held on Thursday, welcoming all students and community members to listen to different community activists, sign up as volunteers, donate and offer their time.

This event was part of a week-long Social Justice Fair held at Brandywine to raise awareness about human rights’ issues. Also, the fair was meant to encourage people to get more involved in the community.

Among the participants were the representatives of the Philadelphia branch of Covenant House, an organization that helps young adult runaways and victims of human trafficking.

“We shelter the homeless, trafficked, at-risk, and runaways, 21 and under,” Development Associate Brittany L. Diaz said.

In addition to shelter and food, the Covenant House offers services such as health care, educational support, job readiness programs and drug abuse treatment.

Diaz added that the target time offered to the youths is 60 days. However, the turnaround time seems to be around 30 days. Participants leave for different reasons, but most frequently they have trouble adapting to new rules.

“In order to work in the program you should have tough skin,” Carl Hill, coordinator of street outreach and the co-chair outreach advocate, said.

Carol Hart Metzker, author of “Facing the Monster: How One Person Can Fight Child Slavery,” described herself as a “Carl Fan” referring to Hill. In addition to contributing donations, Metzker has volunteered her time as a consultant. Metzker is just one example of the many ways people have supported the Covenant House.

Overall, the event was well attended, with more than 100 students and faculty members on hand to hear the presentations, as well as to enjoy the free food and music.

For more information about helping victims of human trafficking visit the Covenant House website at





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