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Welcome to the 1,000 Point Club Amanda Congialdi

By: Ana Elmasllari, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor, During halftime of the women’s basketball game in the gym, Sunday, January 18, Amanda Congialdi was honored with the 1000-point banner. As the newest member of the 1000-point-club, Congialdi is the first athlete since 2007 to be honored with Penn State Brandywine’s banner. She is third in Full Article

Soccer Honored for Second Consecutive Title

By: Jake Gibbons, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, By now the news of the soccer team’s recently stunning performance has probably spread throughout all of Penn State’s campuses, but ...Full Article

Assassins Creed: Unity – A Good framework

By: Jake Gibbons, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, I’d like to begin by saying that I’ve never had any serious experience with the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and my knowledge ...Full Article

The Story of America’s Deadliest Sniper

By: Dan Ketler, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, Earlier this month the highly anticipated Oscar-nominee film, American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood, premiered nationwide in select theaters. This incredible ...Full Article

One Button Studio Simplifies Production with the Click of a Button

By: Paula Scott Lions Eye Staff Editor, Multimedia production has just been simplified. By inserting a flash drive and clicking one button, the camera, microphone and pre-set lighting ...Full Article

Brandywine Welcomes the King Family to Thon’s Annual Chance Auction

By: Ana Elmasllari, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor, On Friday January 16 at 6 p.m., the King family joined friends and family of Brandywine’s Thon members for the first ...Full Article

Girls Basketball Rebounds

By: Jake Gibbons, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, Mid-February saw some important events in Brandywine sports, as both the women’s and men’s basketball teams played back-to-back on Sunday, February ...Full Article

Outstanding Brandywine Professor: Dr. Lynn Hartle/Lab for Civic Engagement

By: Victoria Marotta, Students don’t have to look far to find professors with a variety experiences. Case in point — Lynn Hartle, the Executive Director and Program Coordinator ...Full Article

Chinese-American Author Explores Diverse Heritage with Students

Written by: Kahri Jones, Chinese born American author, Cathy Bao Bean, spoke in front of students in Tomezsko lounge Thursday, February 19, during common hour. The opportunity for ...Full Article

Are PSU Brandywine Students Addicted to their Cell Phones?

By Alexandria Hatchett, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer On any given day, one could walk through campus and find a number of people on their cellphones. Studentsl know that cellphones ...Full Article
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