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Another successful Blue & White Game in the Books

Written by: Paul Alberici It seems that no matter the weather, no matter the time of year and no matter the importance of the game, if you put the Nittany Lions on the field of Beaver Stadium, the fans will cheer them on. That was once again proven on Saturday, April 18, as 68,000 Full Article

Students discover vast geometry in nature

Written by Kahri Jones Early Wednesday evening, students entered room 113 for the second installment of Brandywine’s 2015 Speaker Series. Students were not the only ones to occupy all ...Full Article

2014-15 Women’s Basketball

By: Jake Gibbons, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, The women’s basketball team, it seemed, were all but unstoppable this season, suffering a mere eight losses overall out of 26 ...Full Article

The Progression of Brandywine THON

Liz Gramlich, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor, In fall of 2012 I decided to join THON at a club rush because I thought it would be a great way ...Full Article

The Journey Through THON Weekend

Liz Gramlich, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor, Paul Alberici and Michael Mensah were revealed as the Brandywine Benefitting THON Dancers for THON Weekend 2015 at Brandywine THON’s annual chance ...Full Article

Pancake and Maple Sugaring Celebration at Tyler Arboretum

By: Brooke Byrne, Lion’s Eye Editor, Families came together for pancakes and fun lessons on tapping trees for syrup when Tyler Arboretum’s maple tree celebration was welcomed back ...Full Article

Need a New Show to Watch? Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul By: Michael McCarrick, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, In 2008, an AMC television program fell from heaven and onto our screens and Netflix accounts and it ...Full Article

Let’s Talk About It

By: Avery Smith, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, Police brutality against African Americans has been in the forefront of the news and a controversial topic in the United States ...Full Article

For The Dreamers All Year Long

THON Raises $13,026,653.23! Ana Elmasllari, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor, On the third weekend of February, over 700 Penn State students stood for 46 hours without sitting or sleeping ...Full Article

Doing Happiness With Matt Glowacki

By: Brooke Byrne, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor, On Wednesday March 18, students were treated to the happiest 50 minutes of their day when Matt Glowacki spoke during Penn ...Full Article
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