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Involvement Fair Looks to Recruit New Students 

Photo by: Sharifa Small. Students learning  about  how to get involve.

By: Michael McCarrick, Lion’s Eye Writer,

In contrast to its size, Penn State Brandywine has its fair share of clubs to interest any student; on January 19, Penn State Brandywine held its Student Involvement Fair in the gymnasium during common hour.

It is one thing to go to college and take classes, but it is better to be taking classes and participating in a club that matches a student’s interest and passion. Not only do students have the opportunity to get involved in clubs, but also they are also likely to make new friends with club members because of their shared interests.

There were nearly 20 different booths, along food and refreshments available while pop music was playing in the background at the fair. Attending the Student Involvement Fair, newcomers discovered the various clubs on campus while the others saw what new clubs were established this year.

Among the many booths were the club titans that have been a major part of Brandywine’s culture such as THON, Brandywine Events & Activities Service Team (B.E.A.S.T.), Student Government Association (S.G.A.) and Phi Beta Lambda. However, the lesser-known clubs were the ones that enrich the fair, such as Nittany Needles, Rainbow Alliance, A Capella and Anime Club.

Among the new clubs were the Badminton Club, the Musicians Collaboration Club and the Trapshooting Club. With all these new clubs arriving on campus, it should encourage students to create a club that fits their niche.

Stephanie Jones, the Associate Director of Student Affairs, was one of the coordinators for the event. Jones was everywhere trying to make everything coherent and appealing to the students.

The purpose of the fair was to, “Show students ways to engage in their campus community,” Jones said. “I hope they [the students] learned about ways to get involved and about student organizations on campus.”

The next Student Involvement Fair will take place in September and will likely be outside, making it impossible to miss. In addition, it is not too late to join a club. For more information on joining a club, contact the club leader or go to the website


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