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Woman’s Soccer Faces Tough Task of Semi-Final 

By David Brown, Lion’s Staff Writer, (updated by the Lion’s Eye web staff)

The Brandywine Nittany Lions have shown strong determination while on the verge of competing in the championship match.

The women’s soccer team has dominated so far this year with an overall 4-2 record and a 4-1 record in conference games. The squad has had no trouble scoring with an average of 2.3 goals per game and scoring 14 total goals in only a six game span. Brandywine’s offense averages 18.2 shots per game and this has been the problem for opposing teams.

Freshman and key defenseman Ami Iannello praised the coaching staff.

“(The coaches) have been so amazing,” Ami Iannello said. “They really take into consideration everyone’s different skill levels and apply the proper training techniques to build up the overall play of our team. We have all developed individual relationships with our coaches and these bonds just increase the overall team chemistry and playing abilities.”

It’s that chemistry that Iannello said that keeps getting better.

“From the beginning, our coach told us he wanted to build a ‘family’ type atmosphere and we really have one,” Iannello said.

The team has proved their obvious chemistry by the amount of offense they contribute and with a somewhat struggling defense giving up 12 goals total this season.  The squad uses their offensive talent to make up for any defensive issues.

“We have only gotten this far because we are really cohesive,” Iannello said. “We trust each other, do our part, and rely on one another.”

Iannello explains how the team prepares for an important match.

“We are taking these past couple days and healing our bodies since many players, including myself are injured,” Iannello said.  “We are doing team yoga and watching film of our opponents.”

Brandywine played PSU Mont Alto at home the first game of the season and won 5-2.  They are now resting their injuries to prepare for the away match they face Penn State Mont Alto. With Brandywine 1-1 on the road, the team hasn’t gotten to see much action while their away and it will be interesting to see if injuries play a role in the upcoming matches.

With Mont Alto only 3-6 and averaging 1.3 goals per game and 25 goals against, one can’t help but favor Brandywine’s aggressive offense for this matchup.


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