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Welcome to the 1,000 Point Club Amanda Congialdi 


By: Ana Elmasllari, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor,

During halftime of the women’s basketball game in the gym, Sunday, January 18, Amanda Congialdi was honored with the 1000-point banner. As the newest member of the 1000-point-club, Congialdi is the first athlete since 2007 to be honored with Penn State Brandywine’s banner. She is third in standing of the six Brandywine women honored—with 1,267 total points. Despite missing six games in her junior year, she still managed to score over 1000 points since 2010.

In speaking with Congialdi, she mentioned she broke her ankle and couldn’t play for the rest of the season in 2010. So she focused on her mental preparation along with the obvious physical care and conditioning. During preseason she focused on taking good care of her ankle.

“It was important to overcome the mental hardships,” said Congialdi.

During the season, while bench-sitting, she had to block out any negative thoughts and try to enjoy the game—whether they won lost.

Amanda Congialdi didn’t stop there; she also joined Brandywine’s inaugural softball team as their starting catcher for most of the year. In its first season, the team finished in the final four.

“I was proud to have been a part of such a magical season and Brandywine’s first ever,” she said.  “I enjoyed being part of the history that we are forming at Brandywine.”

When she spoke about her experiences she credited Brandywine’s Athletic Director, Jim Gastner. He was a motivator who didn’t give up on her and always pushed her through the difficult times.

“I don’t care what it takes, if I have to drag you to get you to graduate, I will,” said Congialdi

These are words that stuck with Congialdi.

“My coach, and the passion that I had for basketball, is what helped me stay on top of my work.”

She feels that if a person is not procrastinating and is able to manage time wisely, he or she is able to balance schoolwork and sports.

“There had been times where I didn’t manage my time as well as I could have, but I learned. I set priorities and stuck to them,” said Congialdi.

Amanda Congialdi will be receiving her degree in corporate communications in May, 2015. She already has plans to join the military but hasn’t set her mind on what kind of work she will do there.

“I’ve always wanted to make a difference and do something commendable, and joining the military seems like it fits my needs,” said Congialdi.

We know she will make a difference.

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