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THON Charges Into New Semester At Brandywine 

Nicole DiMauro, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer,

Brandywine President Alexis Proctor works together with a team of captains and other students to assist the Four Diamonds Organization in fighting childhood cancer. Their efforts put Brandywine among the top ten commonwealth campuses that contribute to the Penn State Dance Marathon, most commonly known as THON.

As president, Proctor works to keep up membership, communicate with interested students, raise and collect funds and manage the budget. “Out of twenty commonwealth campuses, we are ranked number six; with results like that, it shows that even kids from the second smallest campus can make a difference in the world,” said Proctor. Her goal is to eventually get Brandywine to break into the top five list of commonwealth campuses.

This year brings change to THON—the end of canning. Canning is a fundraising event where members decorate a tin can and stand in front of a business to collect donations. “We started with four canning weekends, and now we only have one this year, and that will be the very last canning,” said Proctor. The last canning weekend was September 23 and 24.

With only one canning session, Proctor has looked to other forms to raise money. Ideas include raffles, auctions, costume contests, candy sales, canvassing and a pasta dinner.

THON raises money to benefit an organization known as the Four Diamonds which helps families dealing with childhood cancer pay medical bills and give the family all the necessary supplies and support.

The organization’s name comes from the four traits a brave knight found while battling cancer: honesty, strength, courage, and wisdom. According to the Four Diamonds official website their mission is to cover one hundred percent of medical bills that are not covered by insurance.

Last year, Penn State raised $10,045,478.44, for this largest student-run-philanthropic organization. The Four Diamonds Organization and Penn State’s Dance Marathon have worked together since 1977 to fight against childhood cancer.

“I dance because I want to make a difference; I hope that one day parents will not have to hear that their child has cancer, and dance marathon gives me that hope,” said President Alexis Proctor.

THON meets every Wednesday during Common Hour to plan and discuss upcoming events.

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