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Surprise Bridal Shower for Brandywine Admissions Counselor 


By Nicole Graham, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer,

Penn State Brandywine’s admission staff hosted a spectacular surprise bridal shower for Admission Counselor Kari Haffinger.

The well-designed event took place during Common Hour on February 24 in Brandywine campus’ Main building. It was organized by Administrative Support Assistant Jade Cheng with the help of Jessica Menges, a fellow administrator in the admissions department.

Cheng says  she has been planning the party for about a month.

“I came up with the party theme because she loves Dr. Who, so we figured we would have a Dr. Who themed party,” Cheng said. “Students made the decorations for the tables and the admissions staff helped me put the event together.”

Business and Marketing sophomore Fatoumata Conteh and Razhan Toossi, a fellow Brandywine student, helped decorate the room and prepare guests for the surprise entrance of Haffinger. The students prepared for the surprise for quite some time.

“Jade was pretty good with the whole setup and planning everything beforehand,” Toossi said.

After everyone arrived, they waited quietly for Haffinger to enter. Everyone yelled, “Surprise!” Haffinger was extremely shocked and ran out of the room into the hallway. After a few minutes, she reentered the room and was very emotional. Haffinger was very happy that Penn State students and staff took the time out to celebrate her soon-to-be arrival.

“I was told that I had to be here for a mandatory sexual harassment training,” Haffinger said. “I’m so glad that this is what it is and not a training.”

Haffinger was completely unaware because invitations were sent out via email from Dani Remenier.

“Jess and Jade asked me to send a mass invitation email excluding [Haffinger’s] email address to keep it a surprise,” Remenier said.

Haffinger appreciated all the efforts of the students and staff and smiled throughout the whole event. It was a grand success.

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