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Student Views on Campus Construction 


image1By: Sara Piatetsky, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer,

What has been part of a master plan for the Brandywine campus is in the process of beginning, starting with the Vairo parking lot.

Dorms on campus have been both a rumor and long time goal for Penn State Brandywine. With a plan of action now in progress, the campus is preparing for the addition of a residence hall and student union. The new buildings will be located between the Tomezsko and Vairo buildings and behind the Vairo building.

The trailers in the Vairo library parking lot are just two out of the predicted 10 that will be stored in the small parking lot during construction. What this might mean for students on campus now is an increase in noise, traffic and maybe even confusion.

“I understand the longer term benefits for the campus and future students but it seems like current students aren’t being considered,” Jennifer Lindauer, a junior corporate communications major, said. “Most of us have busy schedules and rely on the convenience of coming to campus and going to class. Now I have to come early and plan ahead for parking. It’s just inconvenient and stressful.”

Junior Sam Andricola, a communications, arts and sciences major, agrees that one benefit to our campus was the convenience.

“When the trailers were being delivered, it was early in the day and I ended up in a line of six cars and almost didn’t make it to my class on time,” Andricola said. “I didn’t know what was happening. I expected all this of happen at night when the campus is less crowded.”

The Vairo library parking lot will not be the only affected lot. The front parking lot adjacent to the Tomezsko building will be used as well.

Brandywine’s Director of Marketing and Communications Bill Tyson says the university will be providing information about the construction projects to students through email and signs.

“One of the impacts will be on parking,” Tyson said. “The lot near the Vairo library will have reduced space due to construction trailers and the lot next to the baseball field will be used for contractor parking. In addition, the sidewalk between Vairo and Tomezsko will be closed and the walkway will be detoured onto a mulch path.”

The campus community is also being warned of noise and vibrations that may be heard or felt because of the use of heavy equipment. That will likely only apply to classes in the Tomezsko and Vairo buildings.

The groundbreaking ceremony, the official event commemorating the new additions to the campus, will be March 29 during common hour.

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