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In-State Tuition – Across the Border 

Let’s be honest. Everyone knows the price of college is getting higher and higher every year. More and more, high school students each year realize that college may be out of the question for them simply because they can’t afford to go.

Financial aid can be very helpful to some, and very unreliable for others. Out of state tuition prices could cost students upwards of $50,000, or even higher, a year.

Penn State Brandywine doesn’t come anywhere near that mark, but will still cost those who come from out of state around $20,000 as an undergraduate with no aid per the 2013/14 tuition schedule.

So how is it that so many people can attend this school from out of state?  For Delaware students, there is some help, especially if a student is from the Wilmington area.

Penn State Brandywine actually has a partnership with those who attend high schools within the Brandywine School District in Delaware. Those high schools are Concord High School, Brandywine High School and Mount Pleasant High School.

Penn State offers a grant to those students who plan on attending the Brandywine campus from those schools; the grant allows the students to receive in-state tuition without having permanent residency in the state of Pennsylvania.

While any prospective student has the option to receive this grant, there are also some qualifications the student must have from high school to receive the full bonus of in-state tuition.

The qualifications include graduating with a GPA higher than 2.7 and scoring above a 750 on the two combined tests on the SATs.

Schools all around the United States are starting to offer similar options for students to attain their ultimate goal of attending the university or college of their choice, and graduating with a degree from it.

The grant that this university offers is a great opportunity for those who live close to campus, but just over the state line. Taking advantage of all the opportunities one has to reduce the cost of attending school will likely help in the long run.

Ryan Tuttle

Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, RJT5281@PSU.EDU


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