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Spring is here just in time with multiple championships in mind 


Soon jackets will be shed and warm air will be returning to Delaware County. With the weather quickly changing and the ball fields thawing, it is almost that time of the year—it’s time to play ball!

Spring 2017 promises many opportunities for Penn State Brandywine. There’s history to be made and records to be broken for our baseball and softball teams. With spring, just around the corner, both teams are hopeful and excited for what this season has in store.

While our softball team is busy starting a dynasty, they’ll be entering this spring holding two consecutive conference championships, with a confident mindset and an even more tenacious demeanor.

Even though softball recently arrived as part of Brandywine athletics in 2014, they have already made their mark with dominance in the Pennsylvania State University Athletic Conference (PSUAC). The man behind the magic, Coach Mark Caserta, has earned the Coach of the Year award for the past two years. Coach Caserta will be entering the spring holding a 46-11 conference record and two conference championships.

Julia Allman, senior softball captain, also has a vision for this upcoming season.

“We enter this season with countless goals in mind. Our very strong freshman class and incredibly experienced upperclassmen are ready to be seen. Since this is my final season, I look forward to making this one as memorable and unforgettable as possible,” said Allman.

With the support of their upperclassmen and coaching staff, the women are preparing to make this season one for the record books.

As the softball team looks forward to reaching their next milestone, Brandywine’s baseball team is seeking out to make history of their own.

Returning from a disappointing finish last spring, the baseball team ferociously looks ahead with one thing on their mind—a championship. The PSUAC title is something that the majority of the upperclassmen have been within arm’s reach of achieving, but have not obtained.

Fall 2016 brought new opportunities with the promotion of Vinny Gallo to baseball head coach. The team also welcomed, Corey Hepher, Tony DiGiammo and Mike Sciasci, as new assistant coaches.

Optimistic senior captain Joey Samohod says, “The talent this team possesses, and the unbreakable brotherly bond this team carries will lead to dominance. With the challenges, not only in baseball but in school and life, you learn it’s about the people you surround yourself with that makes the biggest difference. We’re so lucky to have a family of brothers who are continuously there to pick each other up without hesitation on and off the field. This team has been through a lot to get them to be the strong and recognized team we strove to become.”

John Gorgone, senior captain outfielder, states, “There’s different building blocks that a team takes to the road of a championship title. This team has never had a thing handed to them, we’ve worked for every little thing. This dedication is something we’ve been building off of in the past four years, and that’s what is giving us success in this moment.”

Nathaniel Forwood, Joe Samohod, Tommy Crumlish and John Gorgone, all baseball team captains, are hoping to make this season memorable. With a few college baseball careers coming to an end at the conclusion of this spring 2017 season, it is their goal to make this last year memorable and, more importantly, to leave their mark on the school and the program.

Captain outfielder Tommy Crumlish concludes with, “This determined group of men are coming back from a year of incredible performance but unsatisfactory finish and ready to set fire to the field, and bring Brandywine our first ever baseball championship title.”

In early February, the baseball team opened their season with the softball team following in early March. Both groups of student athletes are prepared to put their countless hours of sweat and stress to the test.  With both teams chasing a goal of their own, they share a common motivation—success.  The championship title sits right at their fingertips, ready to be taken.

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Nathaniel Forwood,

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