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Speed Networking 

By: Ciera Britton, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor,

Penn State alums at the Speed Networking with Alumni event offered students the unique opportunity to practice before the real interview.

The event was an opportunity for the students to network with the alumni and practice their ‘‘elevator speeches.’’ The Speed Networking with Alumni saw a total of 14 alumni and 27 students attend. The feedback received from both the alumni and students was encouraging and very positive.

The collaboration of the Student Government Association (S.G.A), Blue and White Society (B.W.S), Career Services and Alumni Relations made the event a success. The event was open to all students; for two internship prep classes (CNED 280 and BA 420), participation was mandatory. For the first half of the Speed Networking with Alumni, the students rotated from one alumni station to another after every four minutes.

“I attended the event because it was an excellent opportunity to network and meet knowledgeable and experienced PSU alumni,” senior Jodi Mitchell said.

Jim Callagher, who is employed by Hotel and Restaurant Management, shares his reasons why he is always there to help the students of Penn State.

“PSU is what it is all about,” Callagher said. “It is important to share our business experience with future students in the business world. It can help them with better interviewing skills.”

Penn State alum Michael Cappelletti works at Warfel Construction Company.  He was honored to attend.

“Penn State has the best students,” Cappelletti said. “They are always present for events and great at networking. I am here to help the students learn to reach out, to communicate and to network.”

After lunch, Penn State Assistant Director of Development and Alumni Relations Virginia Harrison explained how she could not miss the event.

“I am the adviser to the Blue and White Society and in the campus alumni relations office,” Harrison said. “I came to see and help alumni and students network and interact.”

Numerous connections were made for potential opportunities, and students are better equipped and more confident as they prepare for upcoming job opportunities.

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