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Social Justice Fair: Week of events to bring attention to good cause 

By: Nick Huntoon, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer,

The majority of students and faculty at Penn State Brandywine have at least heard of the communications major. Some may not know of another aspect of the communications field called civic and community engagement.

Brandywine’s Dr. Lynn Hartle is the head of the civic and community engagement committee. At Brandywine, she is responsible for planning events, including the upcoming social justice fair, that will be held on campus April 18-21.

Events will be held throughout the four days to promote student and faculty involvement in the civic and community engagement field. Students will get a chance to listen to guest speakers and take away knowledge on a variety of social aspects, and students will have a chance to interact and engage.

Monday will feature a democracy/civic engagement session where each student can learn how to become more involved in political events both on the local and national level.

Tuesday will feature an ecological session where students will be taught how to leave less of a carbon footprint.

Wednesday’s event takes on the music and arts. Students will understand how the arts influence college students’ activism in social events.

Thursday, students and faculty will engage in learning about selected people’s rights on issues such as sexual assault and immigration.

The social justice fair is a great opportunity for students to get involved.  To everyone’s liking, there will be also food each day. Students should know, however, that the best way to get involved is to attend as well as talk to participating professors and faculty.

It should also be of interest to the student body that the civic and community engagement minor and group on campus is a great way to become involved. The civic and community engagement event focuses on giving back to the community.

Being involved with civic and community engagement also makes for a great resume builder.  All in all, Hartle and the civic and community engagement group offers great opportunities on campus and beyond. The job of the students is to embrace them.

The event schedule with locations has not yet been released.

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