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Imprint Left on Lady Lions’ Legacy 


By Symantha Marrero, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer,

Over the last four years, the Lady Lions have found success on the basketball court due in part to four particular women.

Jessy Gledhill, Jilly Gledhill, Lauren Munro and Cashae Hinton are all seniors at Penn State Brandywine. In their four year careers at Brandywine, each senior has contributed to the legacy of the Lady Lions, and each in her own way.

First, these ladies built a foundation of trust.

“On this team I have met an outstanding group of girls whom I have become close with and consider my sisters,” Hinton said. “I will truly miss being a part of the sisterhood when I am gone.”

Jilly concurred with Hinton’s emotional statement.

“I met my closest friends (Lauren and Cashae) playing here,” Jilly said. “I’ve enjoyed every second of my career at Brandywine.”

The Gledhill twins are known not only for their similar faces, but also their similar jumpers. With a combined total of 1,231 points, these sisters know not only how to score, but also how to push one another.

“It’s been a lot of fun playing with my sister,” Jessy said. “We didn’t plan on going to college together. I remember Jilly saying, ‘I’ll go if you go.’”

Although they’re both known for their clutch shots, each sister has other attributes to their game that truly stand out. Jilly arguably sacrificed her body the most out of anybody; she is believed to have taken the most offensive charges in Brandywine history, while Jessy was the one to go to when Brandywine needed to shut down an opponent defensively.

The other two seniors, Munro and Hinton, each surpassed 1,000 points this season.

Despite the fact that her quick moves to the basket and powerful rebounds are what will be remembered most from her game, Munro led the PSUAC in field goal percentage this season at 53.4 percent. She also ranked fourth in steals in the same conference.

For the second straight season and third time overall during her career, Hinton claimed All-Conference honors after leading the PSUAC in assists per game (4.7) and steals per game (3.8). Hinton also has a PSUAC Championship under her belt.

It wasn’t always about the on court success, however.

“I was also able to learn under a great group of coaches who taught me how to better myself both on and off the court,” Hinton said.

Munro couldn’t agree more.

“This establishment has provided me with so many amazing opportunities that have prepared me to take this next step in life,” Munro said. “I’m excited for what the future holds.”

The four seniors are finishing internships this semester, as they prepare to graduate in May. Graduate school could be next.

“After taking a year off, I will get my master’s in special education and hopefully become a Special Ed teacher,” Munro said.

If there’s one thing these four women absolutely agree on, it’s that their freshman year, the year they met one another and became friends, was their favorite.

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