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Safety and Police Services 


Campus security is felt at Penn State Brandywine. The reasons aren’t surprising. Being a commuter school we aren’t used to seeing this much officers on campus.

The campus used to employ the Allied Barton Security Company and now switched to Penn State’s own Police officers. There two new faces on campus: Officer Joseph Williamson and Officer Matthew Cerasuolo.

Brandywine’s chief of police Lewis Sweigart explained the reason for th change in security and the increase in officers. He also said “it’s make sure people feel safe here while studying.”

Sweigart also said the additional officers are due in part to the proposed dorms, with a possible completion date in 2017. As far as qualifications to be a police officer, one must have:

Bachelor’s degree, an act 120 certification which is a criminal justice training academy which takes about four and a half months to complete, one year of police experience, must be 21 years of age, and no “disqualifying” history.

Now being a commuter school one might think that there isn’t much crime on campus. But the officers of Brandywine campus have a big job to up hold.

Sweigart said the officers must “patrol the campus, provide customer service, provide community service, enforce Pennsylvania crime code and security code, university regulations, and maintain vigilant presence on campus,” Sweigart said.

A couple of Brandywine students commented on the recent increase in security.

“I don’t think that our campus needs any more security, but it can’t hurt to have an actual security guard with a firearm on campus,” Derek Emlet, a senior business major, said.

“I think this is a small campus and I’ve seen from 2 through 4 officers walking around and I don’t think that there’s a lot of things going on at this campus, so it’s fine.” Grace Kang, a junior nursing major, said.

Even though this is a commuter campus there is no telling what emergencies can happen on campus. With the addition of the proposed dorms coming in 2017 Brandywine would need extra security nonetheless.

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Avery Smith,


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