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Rolling into the 50th Anniversary 

It has been 50 years since Penn State Brandywine opened, and for this milestone the Student Affairs Office, located in the upstairs Commons Building, decided to treat everyone to an afternoon of roller skating. Food, drinks, music, and roller skates led to an afternoon of celebration of the fact that this campus is half a century old. Many people showed up to the event and were immediately told to, “grab a pair of skates and do your thing.” The minute you went on the floor there were smiles and laughs a-plenty as people who were experienced skaters were trying to teach the less experienced skaters how to not fall. But many faculty members decided to put on the skates as well, and since the music that was being played was mostly disco music, they got right into the groove of the roller disco and skating.

Tami Katz, member of Brandywine Events and Activities Service Team (BEAST), had this to say about the event, “Roller skating helped bring the Brandywine community together and helped connect the present community to the past history of our campus!”

Lindsay Koch, one of the many students to attend this event said, “I thought it was successful because it’s something everyone could participate in, no matter their skill level. I feel like some people were scared of making a fool of themselves which may have held them back from participating, but overall I personally had a good time.”

As one of the first events to kick of the new semester, the Student Affairs Office was somehow able to bring the majority of the campus together for the afternoon. With a long semester ahead keep looking to see what other events the Student Affairs Office has in store. Happy 50th Anniversary Penn State Brandywine.

Kyle Copley/ Lions Eye Staff Writer/

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