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Rent a Book 

Brandywine Book Store, Photo by Latech Murphy

The expenses of going to college can be overwhelming.

Tuition, textbooks, transportation cost, lunch money and the list goes on. When there is a way to cut cost, it is always helpful.

Buying textbooks is one of those expenses that most college students dread. Textbooks can cost sometimes as much as $300 per semester. At the end of each semester the bookstore allows students to sale their textbooks back.  The only catch is if the professor is not using the book for the upcoming semester.  If that’s the case, one can’t sell it back.

A couple years ago, the campus bookstore, owned by Barnes and Noble, started allowing the textbooks to be rented. Renting is much more affordable than buying textbooks.

“The huge advantage of renting your textbooks is that you save a lot up front,” Brandywine bookstore manager Alan Pine said. “You save up to 50% off of the original price. You can use the extra money that you save by renting your text books on food and other college expenses.”

When you rent textbooks versus buying them, it’s securing one’s savings. By renting, one saves up to 50% automatically; by buying books, there is no guarantee one will be able to sell them back.

There are a few other advantages to renting. The books must be brought back in used condition, which means a student can highlight and write in them. If you drop a class within the add/drop period, the bookstore will refund one’s money back.  A friendly reminder by the bookstore is also sent via email to remind students of their due date.

Buying textbooks versus renting them — a decision that now students at Penn State Brandywine have to make.

Latech Murphy

Lion’s eye staff writer,

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