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Are PSU Brandywine Students Addicted to their Cell Phones? 


iphoneBy Alexandria Hatchett, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer

On any given day, one could walk through campus and find a number of people on their cellphones.

Studentsl know that cellphones are useful tools in our everyday lives, but have they taken control of a person’s way of functioning in society? Cellphone usage can now be classified as an addiction because of its heavy use. Among the highest groups of people who over-use their cellphones are college students. According to Lizette Borreli, author of Technology Addiction: Warning Signs of a Cell Phone Addict, “College students are most susceptible to developing the cell phone addiction because they are considered to be the heaviest users of information and technology.”

Four Penn State Brandywine students were interviewed. When asked if they used their phone everyday, three out of four students claimed that they did. Some use may be practical; other usage may not be. According to Borreli, 66-percent of people suffer from nomophobia. Nomophobia is the fear of being without one’s cellphone. One may ask what classifies someone as a cellphone addict.  Borreli claims that cellphone addicts take out their phones to scan their screens in order to feel a sense of peace and security.

Fellow Brandywine students who were interviewed checked their phone about nine times an hour on average.

When asked if she could recall the last time she left her phone at home, Brandywine student Lizzie Citrone responded, “yes… [for a] school retreat.”

Citrone said that she was “anxious at first, but adjusted.”

Liam Chambers felt worried that he would miss a very important phone call. Morgan DiAntonio recalled leaving her cellphone at home and feeling calm. Aly Mitchell does not recall ever leaving her phone at home, but claims she would be bored if she had.

Have you ever been somewhere where there were plenty of people around, but you did not know a soul? Did you try to talk to people or did you immediately start to use your phone? Borreli said that one’s addictive behavior heightens when that person is alone. Cell phone usage can be a way to cope with loneliness. Instead of having an emotional attachment to other humans, addicts are emotionally attached to their phones and may feel vulnerable outside of its presence. Other signs of addiction can be described as “the need to frequently check your phone without having an incoming call, text, or e-mail.”

Out of the four students interviewed, half claimed that they were addicted to their phones. Citrone feels she needs her phone to “communicate with friends, [and to] find something to do when [she is] bored.”

On the other hand, Liam Chambers is not addicted to using his phone.

“I’ve gone days without my phone because I either lost/misplaced it and I still survived,” Chambers said.

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