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Potential On-Campus Fashion Show 

By: Joel Koshy, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer,

Senior Meaghan Paige is hoping to put together a fashion show at Penn State Brandywine by April of this year.

The Brandywine senior majoring in Communications Arts and Sciences is motivated to act.  And that motivation to work in fashion is deeply rooted. Paige’s passion for fashion began as a young girl; she always had a passion to sketch clothes during her free time and travel which has also had a huge impact on her career plans.

Paige believes that hard work and dedication is key, and has helped her to pursue a career in the fashion industry. It wasn’t always easy for Paige. Her first job was at a local Quizznos, putting together subs for hungry customers. The money she saved up she would buy supplies for her clothing line.

In the fall of 2015, her hard work truly paid off. She had the opportunity to display her clothing line during the New York Fashion week.

“It was a great experience to see the variety of artists who were at the show, and it definitely helped me get a better understanding of the fashion industry,” Paige said.

Since then she’s been wanting to put together a show for her fellow peers at Brandywine. Right now, she’s talking with clubs on campus to help her put together this event. She would like to make this a free event for all students and faculty on campus to help her brand.

The clothes that she plans to put on display would be the same as the ones she displayed during the New York Fashion week. The goal is to put together this show by April, before she graduates in May. Paige said it would be a huge personal achievement for her and her business.

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