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Penn State Brandywine Welcomes New Staff for a New Era 

By: Donnell Myers, Lions Eye Staff Writer,

Penn State Brandywine, is no longer a commuter only campus. This was part of the welcome message of Student Affairs personnel during an Open House event during the first week of school. The campus has attracted a whole new crowd of students from greater distances because of our new residence Orchard Hall.

Gary Miller, director of student affairs and Bridget A. O’Donnell, assistant director of student affairs, made sure that students, commuters and residents alike, learned about the variety of new upcoming events and services now available on campus.

In addition to residence adding to the campus life experience, the new Student Union building
also provides another gathering space. Student affairs personnel are housed here, as are club
spaces, recreation and meeting spaces, the campus store, and the cafeteria are housed.
“We want students to feel comfortable, and we wanted to create a space students can feel
connected to,’’ said Don Brennan, assistant director of residence life.
Many students attended the student affairs event, asking questions, receiving information, and
eating a variety of different refreshments.
“I’m really excited about the upcoming events. I’m glad that I came by the event because now I
have a calendar of events, and am aware of some of the services provided,” said Meghan Atwell,
a freshman marketing major. Atwell also shared that her mother went to Penn State, which is why
Penn State was her first choice.
Student Affairs personnel are planning to host events at night and weekends, including from
movie nights, to dances and cultural events. The department also plans to have more events
during common hour so that more students are able to attend. Besides the fun events planned for
students, student affairs personnel also recognize the importance of managing ment
al health and stress in college. Clinical Counselor Dr. Jennifer Toadvine offers drop in appointments out of her office in the Student Union Building. The entire student affairs department is designed students to
get the help they need to perform well in their classes.
There is also a new disability services coordinator helping with students to achieve academically.
Latoya Kosh says, “Disable the label. Why struggle in class if you can get help.” Her office is also in the Student Union.
With all events and services planned for the 2017-2018 semester, students should be able to
experience a variety of fun and achieve academically here at Brandywine.


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