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Flu Shot Season

Now is the time to get a flu shot. Each year there are stories about people catching the flu and getting sick; some people even die from it. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are new strains of the flu coming out every year, which could make the epidemic worse. In 2010, ...Full Article

Brandywine Fair Trade

October wrapped up Fair Trade month.  And while many people have no idea what fair trade entails, the work of some Brandywine students and ...Full Article

Say Hello to Brandywine 2.0

Have you ever wondered about the popular slogan on those neon t-shirts that say “Hello Brandywine?” Have you no­ticed the new additions around the ...Full Article

THON Shatters Record

Last year, Brandywine THON had a very successful fundraising season raising $12,296.12 for the Four Diamonds Fund to help in the fight against pediatric ...Full Article

THON 2014 Draws Closer

  This fundraising year started out with much optimism from all the members and officers in charge of Brandywine THON. Coming off the excitement ...Full Article
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