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Brandywine Ice Hockey

By: Dan Ketler, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor, The 2014-2015 Penn State Brandywine Ice Hockey season has come to an end, after a long and hard fought journey. The club team won the regular-season championship with an impressive seventeen wins and six losses. They advanced to the Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference Playoffs (DVCHC) ...Full Article

Brandywine First-Timers react to THON weekend

By: Paul Alberici. Lion’s Eye Staff Editor,  THON weekend is considered by many Penn State students to be one of the best weekends ...Full Article

A Trip Into the Anime Club

By: Michael McCarrick, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, Bored with conventional TV programs? Then explore a more creative part of fiction with the big ...Full Article

Deeper look into Brandywine Club Sports: Bobbi Caprice

By: Victoria Marotta, Bobbi Caprice, a recent 2013 graduate of Penn State Brandywine, gives back in thanks for her experience here by now ...Full Article

Dancing For A Cure — A First Person Perspective

Written by: PAUL ALBERICI — Every February since 1973, Penn State THON volunteers join in on a dance marathon that spans an entire ...Full Article

Brandywine First-Timers React to THON weekend

Written by: PAUL ALBERICI — THON weekend is considered by many Penn State students to be one of the best weekends of the ...Full Article

Welcome to the 1,000 Point Club Amanda Congialdi

By: Ana Elmasllari, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor, During halftime of the women’s basketball game in the gym, Sunday, January 18, Amanda Congialdi was ...Full Article

Soccer Honored for Second Consecutive Title

By: Jake Gibbons, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, By now the news of the soccer team’s recently stunning performance has probably spread throughout all ...Full Article

Assassins Creed: Unity – A Good framework

By: Jake Gibbons, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, I’d like to begin by saying that I’ve never had any serious experience with the Assassin’s ...Full Article

The Story of America’s Deadliest Sniper

By: Dan Ketler, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, Earlier this month the highly anticipated Oscar-nominee film, American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood, premiered nationwide ...Full Article