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Brandywine campus abounds with new construction 

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As Penn State Brandywine began a new fall semester, students were greeted with new construction throughout the campus.

The construction can be seen all throughout the campus, most noticeably in front of the Commons building, where right now most of the patio is a dirt patch, but will, soon enough, be a water fountain.

Other locations of construction around campus are in the walkways where the school is adding more lamp posts. Another addition to the campus is right around Vairo Library and the tennis courts. Probably not many students noticed the few stones that made up a small short cut from the walkway that passes the tennis courts and connects to the walkway that passes the library. Those few stones are now newly built steps.

Many students and faculty are excited to see what the campus has in store for the new plans. Other students are excited but also feel inconvenienced by the schools construction.

“I think the construction outside of Commons is an inconvenience because it cuts off several pathways that lead to the entrance, but overall I think the construction will do the campus good,” one senior student who wishes to remain anonymous said.

Did you notice the upgraded lounge area in Viaro Library basement? Some of the furniture has been changed along with the outdated computers, which have been replaced with new Mac computers. Talks of adding a glass wall and entrance to the lounge have also been discussed.

Another reoccurring rumor around campus is when campus residence halls will be built. Well, rumor no more! The campus just received final township approval to construct the new student housing and student union projects. The school has plans to construct the residence halls right behind Vairo Library where the woods are currently located. The residence hall will be an L-shaped building able to house 250 students with a new dining hall.

“I am really excited that they will be adding dorms to the campus, it’s just a shame that I will be graduated by the time they are built, and I will not get to enjoy all of the new additions,” senior Anna Toshtzar said.

Some students would like to see other additions made to the campus in future years.

“I wish the school would build a better place for students to hang out,” senior Justin Gomez said. “I know that Commons is a place for students to hang out, but I wish that there was a place that had more chairs to relax in and more games for students to play such as a pool or foosball.”

Only the future will tell what advancements will be made on campus in the years to come. Penn State Brandywine is constantly updating in order to stay modern and competitive in the educational arena.

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