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Open Mic Karaoke Draws Crowd 

Open Mic Karaoke Draws Crowd
By: Nick Huntoon, Lions Eye Writer,
Open Mic Karaoke drew in a large crowd to experience the diversity of talent and student life on campus.
Surprisingly, amateur singing fits into lunchtime on a college campus much better than imagined.
Looking at Brandywine´s lounge area, it seemed a bit empty for the usual lunch rush. Soon enough there was a stage and microphone set up. The once nearly vacant Lion’s Den began to buzz with student life.
Before the event, senior Elisabeth Gremlich talked about the motivation for Tunes Thursday, and how it was inspired by the diversity of talent and student life on campus.
“It is very student driven,” Associate Director of Student Affairs Stephanie Jones said. “It gives members of the Brandywine’s newly formed club Musician’s Collaborative the opportunity to highlight the talents of their members.”
The drive of those students was apparent. To kick off the event, a member of the Musician’s Collaborative Club stepped up to the mic, and a couple of students recited verses of their own poetry.
By this time, the news of an open mic spread. More students filed into a now cramped Lion’s Den and somehow, with the tremendous turn out, most of the audience shied away from taking the mic.
The silence was promptly broken when eager student Alexis Proctor took the stage. Before the audience could ponder the upcoming song choice, the words of “I Want it that Way,” by the Backstreet Boys blared through the speakers.
It was an amusing choice and Proctor’s effort proved to be the ice-breaker. Soon people took the stage with song choices ranging from Disney’s “Frozen,” “Let it Go,” and Usher’s “Confessions.”
For the remaining hour, the performers truly provided the crowd a good show.
“The event was fun and a good way to get out of the everyday routine,” Alexis Proctor said after her experience at Tunes Thursday.
Of course, as in any event, there were some who decided to sit back and watch instead of participate.
Freshman Shacor Tyler was one of the bystanders.
“I wasn’t able to find an inspiring song,” Tyler said.
Sure enough, the first ever Tunes Thursday proved to be a refreshing and unique way to spend a lunch break.
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