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One Button Studio Simplifies Production with the Click of a Button 


By: Paula Scott Lions Eye Staff Editor,

Multimedia production has just been simplified. By inserting a flash drive and clicking one button, the camera, microphone and pre-set lighting turn on, eliminating the tedious studio setup.

Students enrolled in multimedia production courses aren’t the only ones who will find this new studio useful.

“Many courses are now requiring a multimedia aspect to accompany projects,”said Brandywine’s head librarian Susan Ware.

Subjects including sociology, business, psychology, speech and earth sciences may also find this newest extension from Penn State Main quite handy. Originally called the Presentation Practice Room, by project manager Justin Miller of Penn State Information Technology Services, the One Button Studio is a perfect place to practice.

Students can practice presentations, record classroom presentations, and extracurricular club promotions or produce a creative media project without the hassle of setting or clean up. This studio is also great for faculty who wish to create demonstration models, record a lecture, present research papers or to record an introduction for an online class!

Editing can be achieved through the many resources including Garage Band and iMovie that are provided in the Media Commons section located in the back of Vairo.

The One Button Studio’s open house on Jan. 29, gave faculty and students the opportunity to see what the new studio had to offer, while providing a few demos. Features of the room include a blue and green screen that the user can easily toggle from one to the other with a switch. The studio is also equipped with lighting, a microphone, a computer and projector to show PowerPoint presentations on the screen during recording.

Students and faculty can block off hour time slots by visiting the front desk. University libraries funded the equipment and the project was completed over the duration of winter break.

“The Vairo Library staff welcome student feedback and recommendations for added props and staging that might make the One Button Studio even more useful,” said Susan Ware.

Students, come and check out the studio located in room 201A in Vairo!

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