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New faces on Campus 

Penn State University is a leader of college education and graduate readiness, for the working world, according to U.S. News and the Wall Street Journal. A huge reason for the success can be attributed to the devotion and excellence of the professors.

This semester at Brandywine, to add to that list of exceptional professors, are some new faces on campus.

Professor Karen Theveny is an instructor of communications. She graduated from West Chester University and got her MBA from Widener University.

Her decision to go into communications was assisted by her college advisor, who helped her evaluate her weaknesses and strengths. Loving writing and wanting to do corporate work, but not knowing this would translate into corporate work, led to the selection of communications as a major.

The administration at Neumann University, which is where she worked before coming to Brandywine, needed someone to teach communication courses. Because her daughter was young and she wanted to come away from working full time in the public relations area, Professor Theveny took the position. She loved it, and that is what led her to teach.

“Looking back on my path, I see that from the beginning, my path led me to where I am now and because of this, I am well rounded and provide students with real world examples to round out the theory.”

When asked what she would like her students to remember through life, Professor Theveny said, “Learning is life-long and meant to be enjoyed.”

Professor Michael Sturm is an instructor and internship coordinator for the human development and family studies program. He graduated from Messiah College with a degree in family studies, and earned his master degree in family therapy at Drexel University.

What inspired him to go into human development and family studies (hdfs) the introduction of hdfs at Messiah College. From here, he became interested in the courses of:  family dynamics and relation, family in the Community and Social environment and cultural background and economics.

Before working at Brandywine, professor Sturm worked at Bowling Green State University as a human development and family studies professor and internship coordinator.

“I hope students continue to develop their self-awareness in relation to their values, beliefs, and biases.  Self-awareness is a career long process.  As time passes our perspectives shift and society evolves.” Professor Sturm, said. “Human service work will always challenge professionals and requires one to be fully in touch with themselves.  A high degree of self-awareness allows for one to manage their thoughts and feelings and ultimately work with difference more effectively while upholding ethical standards.”

Dr. Valerie Mendez-Gallardo is an instructor of psychology. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, and earned her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa.

She pursued research in Puerto Rico. Dr. Mendez-Gallardo was grateful to be involved in the field of research and development at the University of Minnesota and the University of Iowa.

Just prior to joining Brandywine, Dr. Mendez-Gallardo worked at the University of Idaho teaching psychology as she does at Brandywine.

“I want my students to have a clear understanding of what was taught to them and then apply what they have learned, and continue to want to learn more.” Dr. Mendez-Gallardo, said.

Penn State Brandywine has been fortunate to have a long list of professors who hearts’ are dedicated to what they do and who carry excellence within them. These new professors appear likely to carry on the tradition.

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Latech Murphy,

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