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Networking is Key 

Networking is one of the many benefits to being a Penn State grad. That is evident here at Brandywine when the Student Government Association, and the Blue and White organization combine and host the Penn State Brandywine Networking event which housed more than 15 representatives.

In a speed networking style the alumni met with the students for about 3 or 4 minutes to talk to them about the companies that they work for, and to exchange information about ideas for internships or jobs in the future.

After the speed networking the groups gathered to learn what each had to offer. It went back and forth between students and alumni. This informal setting allowed the 15 alumni/employers and the 50 Penn State Brandywine students in attendance to talk over lunch and learn the value of Penn State networking


Then there was a luncheon for the student and the alumni to engage in small talk.

There were a total of 15 alumni/employers who were in attendance at the event and 50 + Penn State Brandywine’s students in attendance.

There was nothing but excellent feedback regarding the effectiveness of the Alumni Networking Events. When

Elaine Dougherty, a secretary at Penn State Brandywine, gave her thoughts on the experience.

“It really helps the student develop and understanding of how to prepare for interviews and job searches in the future”.

Alumni Christina Shoemaker said,

“I’ve actually got an internship from this event so I really do think that it is effective.”

Overall Penn State Brandywine’s alumni networking event is a great way for students to build connections, and confidence.

Dante Laws,, Lionseye Staff Writer


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