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Marketing Club Markets to Students 

By: Michael McCarrick, Lion’s Eye Writer, (updated by the Lion’s Eye Web Staff)

Everyone goes through their day being confronted by advertising, whether it’s on a wall or a billboard or on a screen, they see it even if they don’t look for it intentionally. While some might view advertising as a necessary evil, there are others fascinated by the creativity and business opportunities marketing has to offer.

Brandywine has a club specifically for those people.

In September, the marketing and advertising club held their first meeting of the semester in an effort to schedule and announce upcoming events for the next several months. And the facility member representing the club is marketing professor Lori Elias.

There were plans for the club to have a volunteer event at the Harvest Festival in Newlin Grist Mill this semester in early October but the event was canceled due to rain. Events students attended this month included a panel discussion on October 22 with Brandywine alumni, where members asked those who work in marketing about the business and their experiences. There is a field trip to QVC studios on November 10 where the first 20 people to sign up will be able to tour the building and look behind the scenes of the popular shopping channel. It’s becoming an annual event as students who attended the QVC trip last year enjoyed it a lot. With these events the marketing club hopes to attract as many students interested in the world of advertising.

“The club’s goal is to get new members and do as many on and off- campus activities as possible,” Club President and student Kailyn Vollmuth said. “If there are students who are business majors, then marketing is a big part of their degree, and the activities are great for resume building.”

Those taking a course in marketing or considering it as a career should check out the club for the opportunities it provides. The next club meeting will be held on November 14 in Tomezsko 209 during common hour. Anyone interested in participating should also bring a friend to allow them to experience it as well.

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