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Kasich stays hopeful 


By Joel Koshy, Lion’s Eye staff writer,

Presidential candidate Governor John Kasich stopped by Penn State Brandywine for a town hall meeting on Thursday, April 20.

It was an interesting turn of events, when the Governor stepped on the stage to deliver his speech. Kasich introduced himself as a man who comes from a working class family; he mentioned how his father was a mailman and his grandfather worked as a coal miner.

“My whole purpose in political life has been to stick up for people who don’t have a voice,” Kasich said.

Behind Kasich was a large ticker with a dollar amount, which represented the national debt of the United States; it was somewhere around $19 trillion and rising. Kasich strongly believes that he’s the only candidate in the Republican Party, who can bring both the Republican and Democratic parties together and come up solutions to help move the country move forward.

Kasich has no intentions of dropping out if the race anytime soon, even though he’s far behind Donald Trump and Ted Cruz as they seem to be taking the lead at the moment.

“I’m aware of the fact that the Democratic National Committee is trying really hard to get me out of this race, because they really don’t want me to run against Hillary,” Kasich said.

Towards the end of the meeting, audience members were more than happy with his speech, and they stood up an applauded Kasich for his passion for change and leadership to be the change the country needs.

Not everyone on the crowd was applauding; one example is 26-year-old Will Gruehn, a communication student at PSU Brandywine who will vote for the president of United States for the third time.

“I thought he had some good points, but it was boring and unimpressive which was reflected by the disappointing turn out,” Gruehn said.

The Pennsylvania primary was held on Tuesday, April 26.

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