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K Cups are Sustainable 


By: Deja Footes, Lions Eye Staff Writer, (updated by the Lion’s Eye Web Staff)

On Wednesday October 7, a K Cup decorating event was held on the campus lawn during common hour in front of the Commons Building.

As classes were letting out, the lawn filled with several students who were ready to start decorating K Cups. They painted them with various designs, including one with different colored polka dots, and one with a pumpkin to fit the Halloween theme. Even though this wasn’t an art contest, a lot of students showed their artistic skills.

Most importantly these cups were being painted for a good cause. Once these K Cups were decorated, they were donated to the nearby Tyler Arboretum for use during the holidays. The Tyler Arboretum is one of the oldest and largest arboreta in the northeastern United States.

This event was based on a campus read book called Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair With Trash. Participating in the K Cup decorating allowed students to learn “sustainable practices, and practice positive actions based on themes in the book.”

In the midst of this fun event, basketball player Kevin Zwolak enjoyed getting to be an artist.

“It was nice to decorate the K Cups,” Zwolak said. “I’ve never done this before. It was also nice to create art because I don’t really do it a lot. I’m happy we are painting for a good cause.”

Sounds like all the hard work he did paid off. Be sure to stop by the Tyler Aboretum down the street to lookout for the K Cups.

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