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iPhone 6: A Bite Out of the New Apple 


Known for its slogan “bigger than bigger,” the iPhone 6 is arguably the most anticipated Apple product of the year.

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus are the eighth generations of the iPhone, entering the market at only 6.9 millimeters thick.  The retina HD screen and wider viewing angle make this phone’s display distinctly different from others.

Photographers can plan on getting excited about a phone that is one step closer to becoming a cellular single-lens reflex (SLR). Phase detection autofocus gives the photos a more professional feel while noise reduction will help capture polished and more illuminated photos.

Apple is known for consistently releasing new products that compete with other pieces of technology on the market. When will Apple reach the peak of its technological advances?

“Never,” Bailey Phillips, a PSU Brandywine student, said, “They’ll keep throwing products at us, and we’ll keep buying them!”

Although the brand new Apple products most likely do not surprise the public, they always excite the public. Many customers camped outside of Apple stores across the country for days before the scheduled release, with hopes of becoming the firsts to own the brand new iPhone. Selling over 4 million phones within the first 24 hours of sale, Apple has raked in over $800 million.

In spite of its record-breaking sales, not everyone is elated about the new technology advance.


“If you buy the new iPhone, they’ll just update it next year and you will fall into the trap of needing another,” Anthony Felizardo, a quantum cosmology major at PSU Brandywine said, “Apple hasn’t been revolutionary since (Steve) Jobs unraveled the original iPhone.”

Regardless of conflicting opinions over the newest release, when the iPhone 6 comes back in stock on September 19, there is no doubt that Apple will continue to rake in millions of dollars from customers who are desperate to get their hands on the ripest new Apple.

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