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Go Global for Spring ’17 

This Spring, Travel to the French Riviera or Havana, Cuba

Brandywine Global Programs offers courses with an academic study and travel experience abroad during the Spring and Fall breaks in the University’s academic calendar.

Students prepare to travel abroad by enrolling in one of the many courses geared for the experience. Prior to travel, students complete pre-travel coursework and work with an instructor using distance distant education formats through Angel/Canvas and email. During the immersion experience the students work on the projects and travel the country as outlined in the syllabus. Post-travel coursework is then completed upon return to campus.

This Spring, students will have the opportunity to travel to the French Riviera from March 3-11 and Havana, Cuba from March 4-11.

Courses offered for Spring travel to Cuba include:

CIVCM 211 (GS;US;IL) Foundations in Civic and Community

Engagement, Dr. Lynn Hartle, 3 credits

INART 001 (GA), The arts,
Dr. Paul Greene, 3 credits

Courses offered for Spring travel to the French Riviera include:

AM ST 105 (GH) American Popular Culture and Folklife,
Patricia Hillen, 3 credits

HD FS 229/PSYCH 212 (GS) Infant and Child Development,
Dr. Laura Evans, 3 credits

HD FS 429/PSYCH 410 Advanced Child Development,
Dr. Laura Evans, 3 credits

INART 001/ARTH 100 (GA) (IL) The Arts,
Juliet Gundy, 3 credits

KINES 081 (GHA) Wellness Theory,
Barbara Rostick, 1.5 & 3 credits

LING 001(GS) (IL) (US) /LING 100 (GS) The Study of Language,
Dr. Evan Bradley, 3 credits

LING 102 (GH) Introduction to Historical Linguistics,
Dr. Evan Bradley, 3 credits

MGMT 445 (US) Managing a Diverse Workforce,
Dr. Veronica Godshalk, 3 credits

MGMT 499 (IL) Foreign Studies,
Dr. Veronica Godshalk, 3 credits

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