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Give Blood – It Saves Lives 


The time to give blood is now.
A Red Cross Blood Drive was held at the Rock Run YMCA in October to help provide blood for some
children who may need extra blood to help with cancer, autism, diabetes, pneumonia and other
diseases and infections.
“Rocky Run loves hosting Red Cross Blood Drives,” Meg Sherry, Rocky Run’s Advanced Wellness
Director, said. “We are a community-based organization and we really take pride in making people
feel welcome and helping those around us. Our members know that donating blood saves lives and we
try our best to encour- age everyone to donate or at least spread the word about the benefits about
Dozens of Delaware County residents and YMCA faculty members gave blood at this event. By donating
blood through the American Red Cross, Rocky
Run YMCA has helped provide health awareness to the community.
“Donated platelets and blood can play an enormous role in cancer treatments and care, along with
multiple other diseases,” Dr. Angela Sievert, an oncologist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia,
said. “I see over 100 blood transfusions a month here at the children’s hospital. Chances are,
there’s a child or a family waiting for the gift of blood that a healthy person is able to give.”
To qualify to donate, potential donors must be 16-years-old or older, generally healthy and weigh
at least 120 pounds.  Health history is discussed as part of the donation process, and each donor
receives a brief examination which includes temperature, hemoglobin and blood pressure
Rocky Run YMCA has helped the Red Cross fulfill its purpose of
ensuring the availability of a safe and reliable blood supply.
Local blood drives can be found online at On November 6, for example,
there’s a blood drive at the West Chester
American Red Cross from 1-8 p.m.

Victoria Marotta
Lion’s Eye Staff Writer,


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