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First Dance — the Back Story According to Her 

Photo courtesy of Ana Elmasllari

Cheers about the record breaking $13 million THON raised!  And cheers to three lucky couples who got engaged the same weekend at the end.  One lucky couples — Brandywine’s former couple, Jess O’Lock and Rich Lion.

“It was more like a set up and ‘okay we go out now’ kind of thing,” the bride-to-be said about the beginning of their relationship.  “He was calling me weeks before trying to talk to me though and I really wasn’t paying him any mind.”

That persistent calling sure paid off for Lion.   Starting off in two different schools, Jess and Rich met at a Saint Kevin’s dance in eighth grade, just a few short months before they started dating.  They officially started dating at another Saint Kevin’s dance, April 6, 2006 to be exact, thanks to her best friend Molly.

Not expecting him to propose so soon, Jess had the surprise of her life.  Rich had it all figured out when he found out he was a dancer and THON. Thankfully for Rich, after a bit of trouble, Jess was finally able to get onto the floor to see him.  She had a pass for six hours of floor access, which expired at midnight.   Nerves and exhaustion held Rich back until the final half hour.

Finally around 11:30, it was do or die time for Rich Lion.  After taking a trip to the ladies room with her friend Megan, which was all part of the plan, Jess met Rich back on the floor to where she thought she found him acting delirious.

“He started saying all this cute stuff and I was like yeah yeah you’re delirious,” O’Lock reminisced.

At that time, Rich started searching through his fanny pack where Jess couldn’t help but find a box hiding.  In such disbelief, Jess watched Rich get down on his knee and ask her the question she has been waiting 8 years for.

“I lost it! The whole time my eyes could only see him.  I couldn’t even hear the yeah chant going on,”  O’Lock said.

Cheers filled the Bryce Jordan Center as Rich and Jess took the first step in spending the rest of their lives together.  Eight years and one puppy later, he finally put a ring on it.

Photo courtesy of Ana Elmasllari

Photo courtesy of Ana Elmasllari

Amanda Lynn Rasley

Lion’s Eye Staff Writer,

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