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Farwell to Senior Marcus Turner 

Turner (in middle) stands with his team on his last home game ever for senior night

By: Margot Gargus, Lions Eye Staff Editor,

On February 7, 2017, senior Marcus Turner entered the Penn State Brandywine gym to play in his last home game of his career on the men’s basketball team. As the game came to a close Turner dropped his final 7 points.

Orignally from Claymont Delaware, Marcus Turner lead the Brandywine Lions on and off the court for four years. As an athlete at Brandywine for all four years, he served as a basketball captain for three years.

Scoring a total of 775 career points, Turner was only 225 points short of his all-time career goal of 1,000 points. Marcus shared with us some of his proudest moments here on campus.One occurred during his freshman year, scored twenty points in back-to-back games. He also shared, “being able to play next to some of the same players over the years has made my experience even better. The friendships I have with these guys are something I hope to never lose.”

When asked about the emotions of his last home game and senior night Turner said, “It didn’t hit me until half time when they announced it. Four years passed quickly and I wasn’t ready for it to end.” Playing by his side was junior Cyrie Spencer and junior James Fisher. “It was great to play with Cyrie and Fish these past couple years. I can’t wait to see how their senior year plays out and watch them reach 1,000 points.”

Turners love for the game inspires his teammates on and off the court. Turner shares that he plans to possibly stay around with the team and help coach next season.

“I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to possibly coach here next season. I love the program and I can’t wait to watch it grow and maybe continue to be a part of the team,” said Turner

“Marcus will definitely be missed by the team. He’s always been super positive and a good all around captain,” states freshman Pat Gallagher.

Although Marcus Turner is no longer a player, his impact on the team is something his team mates and coaches won’t forget.


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