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Cupcakes and Condoms 


Cupcakes and condoms

Deja Footes, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor,

Safe sex is smart sex.

Putting a humorous, yet honest, twist on sex and love, Dr. Justine Shuey came to Brandywine to speak to students and give them insight on things to keep in mind. Next to the speaker was a table full of cupcakes and condoms that caught a lot of students’ attention.

As class began to let out, more students filled the Lion’s Den, and Shuey began her presentation about practicing safe sex. Many students turned heads and laughed as she used specific words. She explained the terms in the context of a relationship.

“What is sex,” Shuey asked the crowd. She could tell that people were shy, but this event was a ‘no holds’ barred discussion. She explained, “Sex is deeper than a boy and girl or people of the same sex coming in physical contact with each other, but it is special when it is with someone you love.”

The focus on safe sex included threats of diseases. Preventative methods were shared and alternatives were given.

“She was funny,” Deja Smith, a Brandywine sophomore, said, “I enjoyed the presentation because she turned an awkward conversation into something really funny.”

Students also appreciated the relevance of the discussion

“If you don’t want to catch any diseases, it is important you take the right precautions and choose your partner wisely in order to be healthy,” Smith said.

Shuey’s discussion in the Lion’s Den also offered flavored condoms for men and women if they are performing oral sex. For example, the use of condoms can reduce not only the risk of unwanted pregnancy, but disease by 99.9 percent.

“I love how Dr. Shuey had props to describe certain things,” Freshman Sabria Williams said. “My favorite part of her presentation was how she made everyone laugh and feel comfortable, while still making us aware of the importance of safe sex.”

At the end of this event students were given cupcakes and were told to take as many condoms as they wanted. Students were able to walk away with valuable information that could prevent them from making bad decisions in the future and be a reminder to other students who are having sex that safe sex is always better.



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