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Civic & Community Engagement Course 


By David Brown, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, (editted by Lion’ Eye Web Staff)


Civic and Community Engagement is a course that stands out here at Brandywine, not only making an impact locally, but internationally as well.

Course adviser, Dr. Lynn Hartle is the reason the course has taken off in the last couple of years, and she has no plans to stop now.

This course has, most recently, been providing voting registration education and assistance. The course is also known to help communities with their needs by participating in events such as food drives and community engagement.

Upcoming in the spring, Hartle’s class will host a Social Justice Fair to educate attendees about societal and community issues and provide ideas on how to help improve the situations. Topics planned include: women’s rights, minority rights and perspectives about the under-served.

Civic and community engagement can be taken as either a major or a minor.  Its goals are to assist with community service and provide diversity training. Activities have included assisting with cleanup in the community, assisting with food drives, establishing community gardens, and helping with community education.

Dr. Hartle, is enthusiastic about the impact of the course.

“The impact in the community is a small one, but every year it becomes more noticeable,” Hartle said.  “The minor itself is important for helping students practice relationships and providing them with experience in all sorts of different fields that will later help in the work place. The point of this course is to get people to act like a community.”

The course also offers international service projects in Paris, London, Italy, Ireland, and, for the first time, Cuba. Registration for the Cuba service will begin in the spring semester. The two courses needed to become involved are CIVCM or CAS. Come explore CIVCM.


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