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Campus Read is Garbage 

By: Deja Footes, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor,

People buy face washes to wash dirt away but it is scary to think that there might be dirt in those washes!

Many English/Literature classes here at Brandywine have been reading the book, “Garbology, Our Dirty Love Affair With Trash which has been described as, “a horrifying, well-documented, and fascinating study of how profligate waste became a normal part of American consumer behavior and what it’s going to take for our society to shift disposable economy to a reusable one.” (Garbology Book Forum) After reading this book, the reader is all too knowledgeable about where all of this trash goes.

The book states that many believe that when trash is taken away, it is being taken to a big dump or landfill. However, the author stated that researchers have found small pieces of plastic in the ocean and even in some of those face masks that are being used to wash people’s faces.  Therefore, not all of the trash gets to the landfills. This might change some ideas about going to the beach or washing one’s face.

It is safe to say that most people pay little attention to the aftermath of litter. A significant question raised through the book is, “Where is away?” or “Where exactly does trash go? Yes, it is out of sight but if the hand wash plastic is at the beach, could it be elsewhere—like in food? Are there plastic particles in the clothes right now? Are all plastic bottles and cardboard boxes actually being recycled?

These are some important things to think about and to research. How can changes be made to reduce the amount of plastic that is being used every day? Less plastic creation and use would make a significant change to the environment. The book calls upon readers to be responsible and make the world a better place.

People should consider saving the beaches by creating organic face washes by using oatmeal, honey and granola. Start recycling if it is not being done already. All of these options, and more, may make garbage really go away

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