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Brandywine Women’s Tennis comes Roaring Back Against Cedar Crest Falcons 


By: Margot Gargus Lions Eye Staff Writer,

On a Thursday in early September the Lady Lions tennis team fought hard to win over the Cedar Crest Falcons for a 5-4 victory! With two big wins in doubles and an additional three wins in singles, the girls came out swinging. Lead by senior captain Heather Gartside and her doubles partner, Brandywine grabbed the first doubles win clinching the number one spot with a final score of 8-4.

“My overall feel for this match was determination. I was determined to play better than my previous match, and ready to show my opponent up. I had practiced different drills for this match, so I was glad to see my hard work paid off in my doubles playing,” states Heather after the win.

Keeping the winning streak alive was Elizabeth Sexton and Melody Zheng. The girls came out with a sweep, 8-0, over their opponents to clinch the number three spot.

“I was nervous going into the match, but Melody and I were really in sync, which made us a great team. In addition to having a lot of fun playing, it felt great to have a comeback of 8-0,” Elizabeth Sexton said.

Along with the showing in their doubles competition, Agno was able to take the number three spot in singles with her victory over Kristina Litonjua of Cedar Crest leaving the score at 8-5. The girls were unstoppable after Alexis Ellison won fifth-flight singles scoring 8-6, coupled with Katie Corey taking the number four spot in singles.

This new year brought a new coach, new outlook on the game and new strategy. “Coach Tony Clark is a new coach this year, and he certainly is a great one. He is always ready for correction on the court, and he truly cares about the tennis program here on campus. Coach has definitely helped me improve my game by teaching me new techniques and ways of hitting the ball,” said Heather Gartside.

“The girls this year are coming out on fire and are ready to continue the winning streak,” said Corey.

Come out and support Brandywine women’s tennis team as they travel for their next matches!

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