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Brandywine students protest John Kasich 

By: Alexis Cavalli, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer,

Students protested Republican Presidential candidate John Kasich while he spoke to his constituents while visiting Penn State Brandywine on Thursday, April 21.

Students from Dr. Pauline Guerin’s Multicultural Psychology class used the opportunity to voice their opinions on different issues that Governor Kasich has spoken on throughout his years in office. Some of the topics included funding for Planned Parenthood, LGBT rights, needle exchange and gun control.

Brandywine student Bria Raynor explained what her protest sign that read “my health, my life, no matter what” meant to her.

“Governor Kasich feels as though Planned Parenthood should be defunded,” Raynor said. “However. I feel as though Planned Parenthood should be funded because of all the benefits such as free healthcare for women, sex education and their other resources. Planned Parenthood is about much more than abortions.”

Raynor’s poster was one of many the students had on display. Another poster read “Mentally Ill Don’t Kill.” This poster was a reaction to Kasich’s comment during an interview in which he said the country needed to focus on firearms and making sure states uses databases to upload the people who have mental illnesses.

“There is such a stigma with mentally ill patients, and to say that mentally ill people are the only people who perpetrate violent crimes is ludicrous,” Duane Belgrave Jr., the student holding that sign said.

Guerin will teach this Multicultural Psychology class again next spring; it’s a class where students will be provided the tools to speak out for civil rights at events like this.

REMINDER: Pennsylvania primary voting is April 26, 2016.

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