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Brandywine Students Express Inauguration Views 

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Tito E. Orjih, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer,
Curiosity, fear, and silence filled Penn State Brandywine’s Lion Den as the students watched in amazement as Donald Trump was sworn into office as President of the U.S. replacing former president Barack Obama. At the viewing party, emotions where heavy as student shed tears as the President of the Free World became Donald J. Trump. The tension could be felt in the air as students whispered remarks to each other about Trump’s inaugural address.
Trump protestors Amber Philips said, “Today is not the move, nobody can say anything to me today … today is a sad day.”
It was clear to see that there was a disunity in the room due to political views. Brandywine athlete Raheem Naughty said, “There is still racism, there is still segregation, (as a) matter of fact there is segregation on this campus.”
Students held strong political views and opinions but undoubtedly noticed the separation caused by the election.
Trump advocate and engineering student David M. Irby Jr. said, “The worst part about the election was how divided it made everyone.” Irby Jr. admits to not fully agreeing with the new president’s policies, but provides his support because he respects his tenacity. Irby Jr. said, “I like that he says what he wants to say, I always thought there was this American dream where you could just go up and say what you want to say and do what you want to do.”
Trump protestor Amber Philips said, “Social media made the election like a mediocre joke. I think it’s kind of ridiculous that I can log onto Twitter or any social media and argue with my president.”
Unbiased viewer and president of the photography club, Ezenwa Osuagwu, said, “If you look at past presidents you can tell what works and what doesn’t. I feel like other presidents have done what he’s trying to bring about and failed, but I don’t know, you never know.”
Ezenwa expressed a common theme amongst the unbiased students—the fact that they are not clear on the future and are fearful, yet excited to see what the future holds for The United States of America.

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