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Brandywine Job Fair 


Mike Ryan, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer,

With May graduation fast approaching students may still not have a job lined up. With students all of over the world applying to what, hopefully, is a long and successful career, some students may be stuck about how to get their name and resume out there. For the second time this school year, Penn State Brandywine hosted a career fair, inviting varied employers from many different companies and industries. Some students may be skeptical that they can find a job at a school job fair, but after speaking with many representatives, they expressed their need for employees and a job fair is a great way to find them.

“We are looking for students who are eager to learn, and have the ability to try things that are outside of their comfort zone. We look for students that challenge themselves, and work hard. “That’s one of the most important things that companies look for,” said Elizabeth Schroeder, manager of university relations at InternU. “It’s a great way to get your foot in the door. A lot of times the organizations here is a great way to get started on the job search,” said Brad Sabathne, campus recruiting specialist for United Airlines.

Not only were companies looking for future employees, they were also offering part-time jobs for students. Speaking with Edwin Hernandez, lead scientist for MadScience, a program that hires college students to go do science shows at after school clubs and summer camps at the elementary level in southeastern Pennsylvania, he said, “All we look for is if the person has had experience working with kids. Everything else you get with the training, so you don’t need to come with a science background; we provide all of the training that will be needed do the job well.”

With the fair a huge success many students felt this career fair was a great way to find a career after graduation.

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