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Brandywine Basketball takes down Wilkes Barre 

Junior Captain: Junior Sanchez

By: Margot Gargus, Lions Eye Staff Editor,

Coming off a six game losing streak, Brandywine men’s basketball team seemed to be running out of luck. The players came together and fought hard to take the win with the score of 76-74, against Penn State Wilkes Barre. The team knew what they were in for going into the game however.

“That game was personal,” said leading scorer Isaiah Allford-Wilmore, “There was a lot of trash talking and we knew a lot of the players; taking that win was a must.”

Leading the Lions to victory was junior, Junior Sanchez, scoring a booming 19 points by the end of the game.

Junior said, “I knew I put in the work in the gym and I was confident in my performance. I hadn’t gotten as much time as I had hoped in the first half of the season; I just had to be patient and wait for my time.”

Building the team’s confidence on and off the court, Junior has been a leader since the beginning of the season.

“Having him out of there with me raises my intensity and he is just a fun guy to play with,” states Wilmore.

The game was a fight from start to finish but still ended close.

“It is important we focus on our fundamentals in order to cut back on these close games. The more we all focus on our own game on top of working together the less we have to worry in the end,” states freshman, Pat Gallagher.

Junior Captain, Cyrie Spencer scored 17 points against Wilkes pushing his team even closer to victory. Although the team couldn’t seem to catch a break the players never hung their heads.

“We have a lot of talent, we’ve just been having trouble finding chemistry at the end of games which has led to us blowing big leads,” Pat said.

Only two games out of the playoffs the boys are fighting with all they’ve got to get the spot they know they deserve. With the season coming to a close, make sure to come out and support Penn State Brandywine men’s basketball team as they finish the second half of the season

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