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Women’s Soccer Looks for Bright Beginning

As Brandywine’s fall sports’ seasons are well underway, new faces have the tough task of putting Brandywine’s women’s soccer on the map. Penn State Brandywine has added women’s soccer to the mix. During the fall of 2014 the team played locally, but this year they have moved to an intercollegiate schedule. To accompany the new ...Full Article

Brandywine Students Attend Nittany Lions Football Season Opener

The one tagline that Penn State University uses on many occasions is “We are one university, geographically dispersed,” and one of the few things ...Full Article

Ambush at the Linc

The Nittany Lions were a part of history in their opening game against their in-state rivals the Temple Owls, but it wasn’t history that ...Full Article

Building On The Pinstripes

The Penn State Nittany Lions take the field for the first time since the epic Pinstripe Bowl victory. By Vito Purpura, Lion’s Eye Editor, ...Full Article

The Second Chance

By: Liz Gramlich, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor, Frenc Baro had to leave everything behind and move to America to ensure a better life ...Full Article

2014-15 Women’s Basketball

By: Jake Gibbons, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, The women’s basketball team, it seemed, were all but unstoppable this season, suffering a mere eight ...Full Article

Brandywine Ice Hockey

By: Dan Ketler, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor, The 2014-2015 Penn State Brandywine Ice Hockey season has come to an end, after a long ...Full Article

Deeper look into Brandywine Club Sports: Bobbi Caprice

By: Victoria Marotta, Bobbi Caprice, a recent 2013 graduate of Penn State Brandywine, gives back in thanks for her experience here by now ...Full Article

Welcome to the 1,000 Point Club Amanda Congialdi

By: Ana Elmasllari, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor, During halftime of the women’s basketball game in the gym, Sunday, January 18, Amanda Congialdi was ...Full Article

Soccer Honored for Second Consecutive Title

By: Jake Gibbons, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, By now the news of the soccer team’s recently stunning performance has probably spread throughout all ...Full Article