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Parking Enforcement

Even though the spring semester is coming to a close, some Brandywine students have still not registered their cars nor gotten a parking pass. Despite what some students may think the fact remains: if you do not abide by the parking rules, you will be ticketed. Brandywine, being a commuter-only campus, has a high ...Full Article

Glenn E. Williams Jazz Trio

On Wednesday, April 10, the Glenn E. Williams Jazz Trio rocked the walls of the Main Building Auditorium. With John Gulezian on the trumpet, ...Full Article


Students, professors, and poetry enthusiasts alike snapped their fingers and stomped their feet in applause and appreciation on April 10 in the Tomezsko Lounge ...Full Article

In-State Tuition – Across the Border

Let’s be honest. Everyone knows the price of college is getting higher and higher every year. More and more, high school students each year ...Full Article

Real World Experience Required

“Giving students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in professional fields they are considering for career paths; and give employers ...Full Article

Go Green For Autism

Full Article

What’s in the name?

Have you ever wondered what happened to the name Penn State Delaware County? Or maybe you were curious as to where the name Penn ...Full Article

Giving Moore: Brandywine Students Paying It Forward

Students working their way through college are learning the details and intricacies of their respective majors in the hopes of success in the future. ...Full Article

Meet Brandywine’s THON Dancers!

THON does it again and shows the world what a dedicated group of people can do when they work together for one cause. Since ...Full Article

“Brayden’s Buddies”

Some of Brandywine’s THON members extended their support for childhood cancer right before THON weekend on Tuesday, February 18by participating in the welcome home ...Full Article