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Chinese-American Author Explores Diverse Heritage with Students

Written by: Kahri Jones, Chinese born American author, Cathy Bao Bean, spoke in front of students in Tomezsko lounge Thursday, February 19, during common hour. The opportunity for the American students to learn exactly what it means to be bicultural became readily available as Bean began to share her experiences since moving to ...Full Article

Integrating Multi Lingual Students

By: James Berridge, Lions Eye Writer An event that schooled the audience on perception and application of cultural and language differences left Brandywine ...Full Article

Student Involvement Fair

James Berridge, Lions Eye Writer The Student Involvement Fair this year was an abbreviated success.  Due to weather conditions on Wednesday, January 14, ...Full Article

THON Dancers Revealed

By: Liz Gramlich, Lions Eye Staff Editor, At this year’s annual Brandywine Benefitting THON Chance Auction the dancers selected by Brandywine THON were ...Full Article

Professor Weighs in on World

Professor Weighs in on World  Written by: Jamie Berridge, Penn State Brandywine’s very own, Dr. Stephen Cimbala, spoke to a crowded room of students ...Full Article

Brandywine graduate conducts cross-cultural research study in Italy

Brandywine graduate conducts cross-cultural research study in Italy – December 2014 psychology graduate Megan Griffith at a national undergraduate conference on body image at ...Full Article

Tierney Time at Brandywine

It’s not every day that a person can show strong life resiliency when dealt a bad deck of cards. One of three Brandywine chemistry ...Full Article

Text Alert

Texting has become the best way for young adults to communicate. Many people argue that it might be killing the English language. A lot ...Full Article

New faces on Campus

Penn State University is a leader of college education and graduate readiness, for the working world, according to U.S. News and the Wall Street ...Full Article

Safety and Police Services

Campus security is felt at Penn State Brandywine. The reasons aren’t surprising. Being a commuter school we aren’t used to seeing this much officers ...Full Article