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The Progression of Brandywine THON 

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Liz Gramlich, Lion’s Eye Staff Editor,

In fall of 2012 I decided to join THON at a club rush because I thought it would be a great way to meet new people and help children with cancer at the same time. Looking back I had no idea how much this organization would progress over the next three years. During fall 2012 it was a common view that the Brandywine THON organization was in the process of reconstructing itself. That year Brandywine Benefitting THON raised $12,296.12 for the kids. New Picture (6)
During fall 2013 Brandywine set out with a goal to raise more than the previous year’s total. The organization grew in membership and more fundraisers were created. By the end of that year, Brandywine was able to raise $26,251.83. This was over two times more than the previous year’s total. That year Brandywine also became number 10 of the Top 10 Commonwealth Colleges in fundraising. Seeing how much they could make a difference put a fire under Brandywine THON for the year to come.
This year when Brandywine started their fundraising season, they had more people than ever before. In their first meeting the organization had over 100 students attend. During Brandywine THON’s first canister solicitation (canning) weekend they totaled $12,136.68. This amount was only $159.05 away from their total in 2013. In addition to this, they were able to reach out to previous Brandywine Alumni for support. They held multiple fundraisers throughout the year such as: car washes, Halloween costume contests, and their annual chance auction—whichhad a great turn out. Thanks to our dedicated members, faculty, staff, alumni and donors, Brandywine THON was able to raise $40,952.11. This total was the most that Brandywine had ever raised since its founding in 2001. The total of $40,952.11 also placed Brandywine as seven in the Top Ten Commonwealth. This year THON members were truly dedicated and Brandywine Proud.
Brandywine THON gave it all that they had for the kids and made every penny that they raised count. I am truly proud of everything that they have accomplished this year. Every record by THON in previous years had been broken within the year through their hard work and dedication. Brandywine THON proved that a small group of people can make a huge impact.

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