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Stand for State – Be a Green Dot 

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By: Nicole Graham, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer,

Green Dot, one of Student Life’s Stand for State Programs, was introduced to Penn State Brandywine students on January 28.

This program encourages students to make a positive choice by protecting each other from harmful situations.

“The goal of Stand for State is to empower members of the Penn State community to be active participants in preventing harmful/hurtful incidents (Red Dots),” Ronika Money-Adams, Brandywine’s Student Affairs Director, said.

One example of a “Red Dot” would be if a classmate was being harmed by a significant other. One can turn a Red Dot situation around to become a “Green Dot” by causing a distraction or calling the police for assistance.

A Green Dot is an introduction of an opportunity; it’s the decision to intervene in a potentially harmful situation like offering a ride or calling a cab for a peer or classmate who is under the influence.

Green Dots can be regular students who take a stand to keep others protected from harm by having watchful eye. Harmful people and/or situations are called the Red Dots. The program was formed to allow student take control of potentially dangerous situations. Money explains more about the Stand for State Program.

“The Stand for State Program was created as a result of the work of President Barron’s Sexual Assault Task Force,” Money said. “What’s exciting is that many of our students are already creating Green Dots.  They are serving as the designated driver, they’re calling for help when they see something suspicious, and they’re calling a friend over if a situation seems uncomfortable.”

Green Dots are direct actions that prevent Red Dots from happening. Currently there are 200 Penn State employees who are trained by the Green Dot organization to be prepared if and when threatening situations arise. Of the 200 Green Dot employees, 150 are instructors. This empowers the professors to be of assistance in and out of the classroom.

For more information, students can contact Student Affairs.

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