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Professor Weighs in on World 


Professor Weighs in on World 

Written by: Jamie Berridge,

Penn State Brandywine’s very own, Dr. Stephen Cimbala, spoke to a crowded room of students and fellow professors about the state of our nation and other serious topics in today’s media.

The conversation having on Wednesday, February 11, during Common Hour.

Cimbala, a distinguished author and longtime professor at Brandywine, is overwhelmingly knowledgeable in topics such as government, politics, technology and foreign affairs. For Brandywine’s first common read of the semester, Cimbala was asked to share his knowledge of these topics to students, as well as professors that attended the event.

Cimbala began the common read speaking about security in the United States.

“Terrorism is the virtual obsession of government and media in today’s society,” Cimbala said.

He went on to speak about the United States’ stance with Russia and China and the potential danger of nuclear warfare.

“You can use nuclear weapons politically without ever actually firing them,” he said. “The Cold War is a perfect example.”

Cimbala continued to speak about the issue with our foreign affairs in the Middle East and the threat of Iran becoming a nuclear power. He believed the neighboring countries must take a stand against ISIS, Al-Qaeda and all other terroristic groups.

“Jordan seems to be doing so, the rest must follow,” Cimbala said.

Cimbala also spoke about the economic growth and stability over the last two years and how the country was able to overcome the recession of 2008.

“The United States is the cleanest shirt in a world full of dirty laundry,” Cimbala said, referring to the fact that the U.S. has been able to overcome the recession, yet many other developed countries continue to feel the effects.

Cimbala credited America’s recently stimulated economy to energy security and independence.  It’s his opinion that nothing is able to stimulate the economy as quickly and efficiently as lower fuel prices.  Though the economy is the best it’s been in years, Cimbala admitted the middle class still seems to be struggling to get back on their feet.

“The gap between the richest and middle classes is a disgrace,” he said. “The stock market is booming but people are still out of work. The wealthiest are not getting wealthy by creating new jobs, and this needs to change.”

Cimbala ended the lecture speaking about the future of our nation and potential job fields that may be on the rise.  The explosion in news and entertainment is astonishing, he stated. He also acknowledged that the price of college tuition, public especially, must decrease in order for our nation to progress.

“In today’s age, a college degree is imperative to move up the economic ladder,” Cimbala said. “Problem is, a lot of Americans can’t afford it, and something must be done.”

If there is anyone who can reassure the community at Penn State Brandywine that our nation is on the right path, look no farther than professor, author and historian — Dr. Cimbala.

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