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You are here: Breaking ground on building Brandywine

Breaking ground on building Brandywine

By: Sara Piatetsky, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, The Penn State Brandywine community came together to celebrate the beginning of Building Brandywine, the official tagline of the growing campus. As Chancellor Kristin Woolever said in her opening statement on Tuesday, March 29, this day has been a long day coming. The campus community came together to ...Full Article

New path to scheduling

By: Najla King, Lion’s Eye staff writer, As the end of the semester approaches, Penn State students are already getting ready for the ...Full Article

Dress to impress

By: Meghan Burton, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, Dress to impress was the motto on Penn State Brandywine’s campus on March 24. The annual ...Full Article

Social Justice Fair: Week of events to bring attention to good cause

By: Nick Huntoon, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, The majority of students and faculty at Penn State Brandywine have at least heard of the ...Full Article

Don’t stop now

By: Sharifa Small, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, As Penn State Brandywine 2016 commencement draws near, students are wrapping up research projects, internships, independent ...Full Article

Brandywine Softball: 2016 Preview

Brian Bosco, Lions Eye Editor, The Penn State Brandywine softball team is returning to defend its championship title in the Penn State University ...Full Article

Open Mic Karaoke Draws Crowd

Open Mic Karaoke Draws Crowd By: Nick Huntoon, Lions Eye Writer, Open Mic Karaoke drew in a large crowd to experience the diversity ...Full Article

Nostalgia Mixes with Newness as “Star Wars” is Reborn

Nostalgia Mixes with Newness as “Star Wars” is Reborn Paul Alberici, Lion’s Eye Editor, In 2005, George Lucas capped his epic space saga ...Full Article

Other Side of Learning

Other Side of Higher Learning By: Najla King,, Lion’s Eye As students begin their college careers at Penn State, thoughts and questions surrounding ...Full Article

Student Views on Campus Construction

  By: Sara Piatetsky, Lion’s Eye Staff Writer, What has been part of a master plan for the Brandywine campus is in the ...Full Article